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H U S T L E P R E N E U R . V I P


This monthly membership is an all-in, online hub for side hustlers, early-stage entrepreneurs and online leaders of our next generation.


This platform is created to get you to take the gigantic step into your purpose from side hustle to main hustle. Hosted and curated by me, Ruby Lee, this community is soul-centred and made with all the hustle heart you can imagine, helping you turn your idea into the best version of you. 



Why do you need this membership?

  • If you’ve been searching for how to believe in yourself despite the obstacles and fear;
  • If you seek a community to keep you consistent and accountable (because you know that consistency is key);
  • If you need to combat those ‘what if’s’ into seeing ‘what if you didn’t’…


... then I'd love to personally extend an invitation to you to join the HUSTLEPRENEUR.VIP membership. 





No contract and you can cancel anytime.

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H U S T L E P R E N E U R . V I P



For over a decade I have indulged the business world, climbing corporate ladders and earning fancy titles. But all of this came to a grinding halt when in 2015 I was nearly fired for starting a blog.


It was in this moment, after a bit of soul searching, that I realised I held more purpose in my blog (that might I add, wasn’t yet bringing in a cent at the time) than I did in my high flying corporate career.


So for the next 3.5 years, I side hustled with a purpose to build myself a strong financial foundation and today I empower thousands of side hustlers to do the same.


I have designed this membership to specifically help you:


  • Feel incredibly supported in your side hustle journey - through live group coaching, a community and side hustle resources that you won’t find anywhere else;
  • Show up with your loudspeaker and start calling in opportunities that you could have only dreamt of;
  • Crush through those mindset blockers around fears, doubts and insecurities;
  • Money mindset & abundance training so you can sell with ease;
  • Social media content messaging with your purposeful personal brand; 
  • Draw in media and aligned PR opportunities; 
  • Podcasting and video creation tips and resources;
  • and much more.


Now it’s your turn.


Are you ready to say a 'hell yes' to your Very Important Purpose?


"... loving all of the strategies around smart marketing and knowing your funnel."


Lydia MacDonnell


"Millions of ideas running through my head now. Lightbulb moments."



Lily Hii



H U S T L E P R E N E U R . V I P

Time to move from 'one day' to 'today'




This membership is a blend of mindset and practical know-how.


  • At the start of each month I will run a live video masterclass with times to be announced.
  • The duration of each masterclass is an hour - 90 mins depending on how many questions you have (the masterclass doesn't end until I have answered all your questions).
  • Then off the back of the masterclass, there will be a monthly challenge and a downloadable actions list to help you implement the learnings.
  • During the month I will hold an additional live group call so that I can help with any follow up questions and keep each other accountable as a tribe.
  • By the end of the month you will be skilled up in that topic area through knowledge and implementation! 


I have found this a great way not only to ensure you take action but with community comes accountability. 




Learn how to master these pillars of my side hustle through video masterclasses and workshops covering:




Learn how to build not just a community but  your soul-aligned tribe



Nail down your personal brand, content & the art of storytelling to draw in crazy mad fans

How To


Non-traditional sales & marketing talk on how to do it with ease and flow

Crushing Mindset Blockers

Overcoming those nasty fears, doubts & insecurities.

Be gone!

We have a purpose to pursue

Money &


Unlock mindset blockers to fully accept, attract & receive abundance


Crafting Your Message

Taking action & creating consistency in your message to the world

Being Productive

Not Busy

Busy isn't productive! Let's get managing your time, balance & productivity


Being Confidently You

You are a miracle. Let's crank up the confidence, self worthiness & self-love 



Join in on a soul-centred side hustle community from all over the world; Hustlepreneurs are connected via a private facebook group - this purpose led network will support you ongoing as you take your side hustle from dream into reality




You’ll be consuming content in the form of video training, live training, exclusive podcasts, downloadable worksheets and audio files



This membership is 100% online so we can come together as a global community and indulge in the training wherever you are in the world. Travel is a core value of mine so this course is made to be for those on the go. Whether it be to and from work utilising your net time, or travelling and living your best life, this site is designed for you


Side Hustle


The Hustlepreneur.VIP membership will give you everything you need to turn your side hustle into a flourishing business. 

Encompassing deep dive monthly topics, mindset practice, regular challenges and practical tools to help you transform


Here is a quick look at inside the membership.



This is the  drop-down of the START HERE menu. I begin by focussing on 3 key areas:

  1. Side Hustle Kick Start
  2. Personal Branding Must-Haves
  3. The Side Hustle Mindset






If you purchase the annual subscription, you receive instant access to all my previous masterclasses. How awesome is that?






$48 USD per month 



Sign up for instant access and pay monthly fee. This no brainer, hell yes price is the price you'll be grandfathered into for the lifetime of your membership! 



$480 USD per annum



Want in for a year? All in and upfront? Awesome!

You get 2 months free PLUS an all access instant pass to previous video masterclasses (no need to pay for them separately).

Prices are in $USD and may be less but definitely won't be more than the amount quoted.

It will depend on the country you are from and the mandatory tax that is applied (GST, VAT, etc).





As soon as you sign up...



... first step is to jump in the Hustlepreneur.VIP facebook group and introduce yourself. We are such a supportive group of side hustlers ready to greet you with virtual open arms.


Then, I then encourage you to do a short video on the three goals you wish to achieve over the next 3 months. This is also known as a FUTURE ME HAS MY BACK post. We then keep each other accountable so that we all grow our hustles.


Then within a few days time, I will be hosting the next video masterclass and monthly challenge. Can't wait to see you in Hustlepreneur.VIP!


Ruby xx

Hey Ruby! I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this tribe and also just want to say thank you for sharing so much of your journey. Hearing your story has stoked a little fire in me (and it's growing!) to kick-start my little side hustle - food photography - while juggling a full-time career, is in fact absolutely achievable! There's no more waiting for the 'right moment' to take the leap and dive into the deep end. I've spent the Easter break chipping away at the Hustle packs and working through my Hustle Canvas and I've never felt so inspired, excited, scared and freakin overwhelmed at the same time. Hahaha! Here's to the wildest journey ahead. Thank you!!!! 🙌👊

Dotti Sing



This is for you if you are:


   + A current side hustler looking to stay current and in the know


   + Thinking about starting a side hustle & looking for inspiration


   + Recently went all in with your side hustle and you are looking for support


   + A services-based or info product based hustler. Ideal you're a coach, author, podcaster, consultant, influencer, speakers and artist creator!



This membership may not be best fit for you if you are:


   - Seeking advice on venture capital funding - it's not my area of expertise to pitch to investors or exit businesses. Can recommend others in this space!


   - Seeking advice on how to build a physical goods based business



As a HUSTLEPRENEUR.VIP you will receive:


  • Live Video Masterclasses

    Every month I'll deliver at least one video masterclass to the tribe. I used to offer individual video masterclasses to the public but now, they are solely for and available to you if you're a HUSTLEPRENEUR.VIP


  • Live Coaching

    Exclusive live group coaching with me that you won’t find anywhere else focused on our topics for the month. This brings accountability and focus as a group for our upcoming trainings, as requested by you! 


  • Group Challenges

    This is where the magic happens. Each month I set a challenge where as a group we cheer on and keep each other accountable. For example, it may be the LinkedIn challenge to raise your personal brand. We all get behind each other, instantly creating a sense of community support. 


  • Social Media Game

    Your socials are going to have a soul shift. Social media training and content challenges with a focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Podcasting to message from the heart and not just post for posting sake. 


  • Mindset Work

    Worksheets and exercises to crush mindset blockers and overcome those doubts, fears and insecurities that like to try and creep into our head.


  • Training Requests

    You have something you need help with. Request the topic and I will conduct a live workshop for everyone to benefit from.


  • Special Guests

    From time to time, I will bring in an expert to share their knowledge so we can boost our hustle. I have a nice little network of talented entrepreneurs that we can all benefit from.


  • Member Only Content & Discounts

    Members are my priority. You will be receiving my full attention and my best content. I am always presenting at conferences, conducting workshops with employers and advising clients. You will have exclusive access to my teachings.


    Plus there are special discounts + exclusive Hustlepreneur VIP offers for upcoming and existing courses. 


  • A La Carte Menu

    If you've missed a masterclass from a previous month, you'll be able to browse through previous topics and top up your membership cache much like an a la carte menu. Order as you go! 



    Members will be part of a thriving community. Own Your Hustle is my free group where I talk a lot about the "What" to do. In the member only group, I talk about "How" to do it. It is live, it is interactive, it is the place to be.


    We are a community of Hustleprenuer VIP’s to build each other up because as side hustlers we rock. There are collaboration opportunities with me and other Hustleprenuers.





We've all heard the morbid news about starting a business ... 20% of startups fail in the first year, then 50% within 5 years.


So naturally the next best thing to do is to seek a mentor, someone who's done it all before but it seems like all the business mentors out there are making millions and although it is freaking inspirational, it’s not always practical or relevant to your early stage journey. That next step just seems so ... impossible.



I was a side hustler for 3.5 years

I worked in recruitment in my 9 to 5 and worked on building a career coaching side hustle. In March 2018, I achieved 6 figures in my side business and that's when I decided it was time to take the leap.


Side hustles to me aren't just about making ends meet and earning some extra cash to pay the bills. That's just another job. I'm all about owning a purpose built side business that gives you the freedom and creativity to be authentically you. Imagine the joy of helping your customers and making extra income. Imagine having the option to turn your side gig into your full time hustle.


It seriously can be done.


Take action or remain unfulfilled

In a recent Gallup poll*, 87% of Millennials said development is important in a job. Unfortunately a lot of employers do not know how, or can’t deliver it. That’s why a side hustle is so beneficial. You remove the expectation that your boss must deliver 100% on your needs (ie income, opportunity, development, creativity, etc), as a side hustle fills this gap.


Another survey from Deloitte** said millennials employees want businesses to focus on people, products and purpose rather than just profit. The trouble is a lot of us do not know what our purpose is. Or if we do, finding an employer that aligns with our purpose and values is a challenge. That’s why I love a side hustle. When you do something you love, your sense of purpose sharpens.


So what would your life look like if you had your 9 to 5 job, PLUS a side hustle that provided you with the freedom to make your own decisions, satisfying your entrepreneurial spirit AND some income on the side. It it truly liberating.


No need to risk it to get the biscuit

And circling back to 20% of businesses failing in their first year, with a side hustle you have the opportunity to test and “play” with your side hustle as your primary source of income comes from your day job. It eliminates that risk and enables you to set up a business that meets your income and lifestyle goals.


Starting is the most exciting time yet not without its challenges.


You face questions such as:

  • How do I monetise?

  • How do I find my side hustle rhythm to draw in consistent customers?

  • Do I need a personal brand?

  • Do I utilise social media?

  • How do I make a sales offer?

  • What’s the best way to help my tribe?


What would your lifestyle look like if you could nail all these questions?


That’s why I created Hustlepreneur VIP.


It is my monthly membership for Side Hustlers wanting to get to their prime quicker. I help you through all these questions and more.


I provide monthly live video masterclasses so you can own your hustle. You will have access to my knowledge library and all the goodness I have delivered to my clients. I regularly drop member exclusive content from my experiences with employers I consult with and clients that I coach.


Hustlepreneur VIP gives you 24/7 access to my best stuff. You can tune in live or watch my replays so that it is self-paced meaning you can work through the content as quickly or as slowly as you want.



  • OK, you have read this page to the end.

  • And you are interested in side hustling or you wouldn’t be here.

  • And you know that Hustlepreneur VIP membership can help you achieve your side hustle goals faster than if you didn’t have it.


It’s a nominal cost to reach your prime so I encourage you to apply today.


There are no contracts, you can cancel anytime and will have exclusive access to me and my content.


So sign up today and I can’t wait to learn more about you and help you OWN YOUR HUSTLE.








Not one day, make it today



Prices are in $USD and may be less but definitely won't be more than the amount quoted.

It will depend on the country you are from and the mandatory tax that is applied (GST, VAT, etc).

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